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Most eCommerce solutions are one-size-fits-all, but your business is unique. That's why Magento Enterprise Edition was built to be tailored to your needs.

your brand vision

You need to move faster than ever to stay ahead of the competition. You can't afford to be held back by cookie-cutter solutions that don't get to the heart of your brand.

You need a flexible solution that gives you the freedom to express your brand vision and the tools to grow your business.

magento enterprise edition

helps you create rich, differentiated site experiences that maximize revenue.

build and refine

your digital presence with native functionality. off-the-shelf extensions, and cost-effective customizations

offer your customers

a digital experience that enhances and amplifies your traditional marketing efforts.

stay ahead

of the competition with cutting-edge solutions.

In order to be irreplaceable,
one must always
be different.

Here's how Magento Enterprise Edition can help you stand out.

CREATE SEAMLESS SHOPPING EXPERIENCES Our responsive design theme gets you to market more quickly and encourages customers to visit your store whenever and however they'd like: at home, at work, on a phone, or on a tablet.

segment and personalize to boost sales Magento frees you to enhance the digital experience with segmentation and personalization. You can create powerful incentives based on consumer demographics, location, and prior behavior (including items viewed or placed in shopping carts).

Rebecca Minkoff created a digital environment that captured the essence of her brand. It had an intuitive design that offered unique customer experiences and made shopping a breeze.

boost average order value One of the most effective ways to increase average order value is to offer targeted buying options. Shop-the-look and complete-the-look functionality does just that. They up-sell and cross-sell each customer via sophisticated and focused sales algorithms.

engage customers with content Our content management system keeps your finger on the pulse of consumer demand. Use it to build and test custom landing pages, create look-books, add new content, insert images and videos, and showcase products or specials all without involving IT. It's that easy.

Harper's Bazaar raised the bar in the emerging world of content-to-commerce with its breakthrough online store, ShopBAZAAR. The technology is sophisticated but the concept is simple: Inspire readers with the magazine then let them "shop the look" in a fully integrated experience.

create exclusive shopping experiences Magento Enterprise Edition helps you design and manage personalized shopping experiences for your most valuable customers. You can easily set up an invitation only "sale site within your site", control previews and timing, and even add a countdown timer.

easily manage your merchandizing Using an intuitive user interface, you can arrange product categories on the fly with drag-and-drop functionality and easily stage and preview other content updates. Plus, our flexible engine leverages your catalog to offer shop-the-look, complete-the-look, up-sell, and cross-sell recommendations.

Tracy Reese leverages the flexibility of Magento Enterprise Edition to merchandize their products the way they want, such as grouping by color.

Create Rich Differentiated Consumer Experiences At Magento, our eCommerce platform helps you drive more traffic to your store, convert browsers into buyers, and boost online revenue.

Create a seamless shopping experience with responsive design.
Boost sales with segmentation and personalization.
  • Boost average order value with targeted buying options.
  • Engage your customers with unique content.
  • Create exclusive shopping experiences with private sales.
  • Easily manage inventory with flexible merchandizing.
  • leverage strategic marketing insights Magento integrated marketing and demand-generation technology brings unparalleled insight to your consumers. The result? Innovative, results-driven marketing programs.

    Alex and Ani experienced meteoric growth after partnering with Magento. Together, we refined the brand's social and mobile strategy, engaging customers across all channels.

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